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Got a couple of packages today…


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Got a couple of packages today...Bring on the Dec and money shot social grow.

10 comments on “Got a couple of packages today…

  1. meghan00851 on

    u got mail today? me toooo. but, nothing from TSG. unfortunately and i dont have the slightest damn clue why but Jay “TheGrowPro” has blockd me. 🙁 its all good tho bc im still a member of TSG and watch him on Saturday nights. very puzzled by it tho. anyways… i got beans today from a fellow tuber too, video coming soon. 🙂 Looks like ur set n ready for ur next DWC grow, itll b something nice to keep ya busy thru the winter. hope all is well neighbor, the rain is on the way outta here i hope.

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