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Germination 101: Methods (Greenhouse vs. Paper Towel)


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Germination 101: Methods (Greenhouse vs. Paper Towel) In this video, Jason Wilcox discusses germination and the “paper towel” method vs. the “green house” method, and why protecting the DNA of a given plant is so important…

14 comments on “Germination 101: Methods (Greenhouse vs. Paper Towel)

  1. QWERTY42 on

    instead of individual plastic wrap, what about putting all the tiny pots
    inside a simple plastic shoebox +covering the box with lids that come with
    these shoeboxes? It would be a lot easier to build, easier to check, and
    wouldnt require use of nonrenewable plastic wrap over and over

  2. Christopher Vaughn on

    And by no way was I trying to down on you..I respect what you do, I believe
    you are a great aid in the cannabis movement. ..but propagation of seeds
    are a personal technics, there is no one way and that does not mean you
    will alter genetics …he’ll maybe your plastic containers during
    propagation react to the seeds ever changing there genetics …so many
    “maybes” but paper towel propagation is not going to alter your genetics
    for the worse just because one person has bad luck with the
    method….wonder how many strains that are of the highest level that were
    created with the paper towel method? ….OK then.

  3. Christopher Vaughn on

    Paper towels work just fine..I have a 90 percent success rate and no loss
    of genetic potential. .I also transplant them from the towel without the
    light shock you speak of..I usually love your vids..but I completely
    disagree. .like you and many others..we all have been growing for many
    years..I have never had these problems you speak of with towel propagation.
    .so it is clearly different strokes for different folks..but teaching
    people that a way is more wrong then another just because YOU can not
    successfully achieve your goal that method is not cool…you can not prove
    by your personal study that one way is better. .credit you do say you can
    do whatever way, but you included a throw the beans in a hole will work
    method as well, clearly making one way seam worse then another. .your green
    house method is no different then us putting paper towel propagated seeds
    into a humidity dome…much easier then wasting money on plastic wrap….
    genetics are messed up by using a paper towel to propagate. .and drinkable
    tap water in the u.s. contains perfect amounts of chlorine to fight
    infection. .so no need for peroxide. .and this has been done for
    decades…so why hate on a method you are not good at I guess…..hope to
    see less bias opinions on grow methods.

  4. pthoraussie on

    for me the paper towel method took to long I had to sleep on it while it
    was doing it’s thing then I woke up early in the night and thought if I put
    my gloves on and put them inside the glove to keep them warm it may work It
    did. All I do now is soak them in water one night no more then three just
    until they sink to the bottom then put them in the soil and a day later wah
    lah the backyard bees alerted me to the 4″ pot I had them in to see the
    leaves were popping out already. good luck everyone with whatever method
    you choose. Peace

  5. 420vizions on

    i think i’m goin to try this method. my last paper towel run wasnt
    successful as it used to be. Thx for always Keepin the KNOwledge Goin

  6. shawn5290 on

    jason, with your greenhouse method how are the seeds positioned in the
    hole? pointed side up or down or on it’s side?does it make a difference? I
    heard that pointed side up puts less stress on the seed . thanks

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