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First Cannabis Grow using CFLS (UPDATE) #1


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First Cannabis Grow using CFLS (UPDATE) #1This is the first video of hopefully many. I’m Growing medical cannabis for personal use using CFL lights (compact florescent lights)

2 comments on “First Cannabis Grow using CFLS (UPDATE) #1

  1. OverGrowtheGov on

    man i see some of the growers deep in the strugal, trust me it gets better.
    if u need any questions answered pls make sure to check out the “Grow From
    Your Heart” podcast its a local CO podcast from a local breeder, or send
    any towards me man thats what the community is about! Great job so far for
    1st time grower 

  2. NASSCAR707-GTG on

    Looking good bro!
    Yea shit starts to stack up if you don’t know exactly what you need to run
    a grow..I had that problem with hella extra equipment. .
    Now I’m on Auto pilot with my grows..
    Growers Luv!

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