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EP. 7 Week 5 of flower | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment Closet


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EP. 7 Week 5 of flower | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment ClosetDuration: Varies from about 6 to 22 weeks with pure indices having a shorter flowering time than pure sativa. Mixed indicia/sativa strains have an intermedia…

9 comments on “EP. 7 Week 5 of flower | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment Closet

  1. Jacob Harris on

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  2. Sneak Growa on

    I considered hid but there is a heat concern with those bulbs. right now the cabinet is pretty stealth.(little noise little heat) and i’d rather not complicate things. I will be experimenting with clones and seeing if my results get better. cannabis is not legal in any shape or form where I live. them good ole’ boy would probably lynch me if they knew I was growing. thanks for the comment. I might try adding more cfls though. seen some people hanging them all over there grow.

  3. akasmokesalot johnny on

    i feel ya there….good ole boys huh? are you in the south? if you dont mind me asking….i dont want to go into details publicly but i have some of the same problems. i have some howto videos you might want to check out….

  4. akasmokesalot johnny on

    i mostly grow with clones and if you see my vids all my plants are huge. except for the ones that are supposed to be small. genetics has alot to do with the size of y0ur plants. you really need some better lighting if you want to see a big difference. i know money is tight but if you keep an eye on craigslist they always have some lighting for cheap. you might have to get an old street light or wall pack light but you can remove the ballast and remount it away from your light. they are cheap

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