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DWC Grow #4 mini HHT!!!!


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DWC Grow #4 mini HHT!!!!we are now on grow #4 with the dwc mini HHT. Jack Herer!!!!! flipped on 9-25.

5 comments on “DWC Grow #4 mini HHT!!!!

  1. The 1 LB. CLUB on

    Ahhh man. I was so disappointed to find out u weren’t an octopus. I swear I can hit a homerun with that tree trunk! But it looks like you’re the one knocking it out of the park! Good shit. Yea I live my life 2 months at a time. The 9-5 world blows. When we all get this thing masterd, we can tell them to kiss our asses and start providing for ourselves doing something we love. Peace. Give that big bitch slap for me.

  2. the Muffin Man on

    nah it was a clone from my friend party dude, but his was from seed im pretty sure. thanks by the way. if you got any of those big bud/white widows laying around ill trade you one for one or buy it… just a thought! keep it up

  3. dirtybongwater4678 on

    things looking good over there if you get a sec check out my update 3 it has my upgraded co2 bucket on it, you might get some ideas for yours the only thing i do different now is i wrap my seedling mat around the bucket to keep it warm. get a timer for your airpump when you can to run it 15 on and a hour off it helps with the fermenting in the bucket

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