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Discrete Closet Grow Room – My First Auto Flower Grow

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This channel and its content are intended for adults over the age of 21. I do not condone any illegal activities, and this video was filmed for documentary purposes only.

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Hey everyone! This is my first time growing auto flowers. In this video I setup the closet grow tent. The seeds should be getting in this week, so stay tuned for my next video! (Subscribe if you haven’t yet) I will be documenting the whole process from germinating the seeds, to getting stoned on some home grown cannabis.

Equipment Used:
Grow Tent –
LED Grow Light –
Carbon Filter –
Exhaust Fan –
In-Line Duct Fan –
Clip On Fan –
Floor Fan –
Dehumidifier –
Humidifier –
PH Tester –
Aluminum Foil Tape –
1/8″ Adjustable Hangers –

Nutrients/pest control/solutions Used:
Nutrients –
Pest Control Spray –
PH Calibration Liquid –

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