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Day 21 update 1080


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Day 21 update 1080Medical Cannabis channel !8 and over only. We fallow all state laws for growing medical cannabis. Tough week in the grow room I chalk it up to grower error. …

20 comments on “Day 21 update 1080

  1. MidCityOG on

    Fox Farms website says nothing about this & also the Press Release? is non existent unless you have a link you can provide me ?PLEASE?. Also Fox Farm was contacted via e-mail by a concerned customer asking about these accusations. A Fox Farm rep replied by saying it is a RUMOR that has been going around for years.

  2. MidCityOG on

    Is there any proof to your claim of Scotts owning FF brand products?, bcuz this is a classic urban legend thats been discussed for years yet no one has proof. Don’t just read and believe, that’s how rumors go around, do your own research!.

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