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CFL — Closet Grow (Flowering) wk#4


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CFL -- Closet Grow (Flowering) wk#4CFL LIGHTS USED* (2)– 26watt/6500k/1600lumens (5)– 26/watt/2700k/1650lumens (5)– 55watt/2700k/3860lumens For a Total of and ACTUAL = 457 watts and 30500 Lumens –LEGAL DISCLAIMER –…

19 comments on “CFL — Closet Grow (Flowering) wk#4

  1. mickeybigbuds on

    my friend you don’t need another camera to see how well dem girls doing, as they look super healthy from a mile bruv and am so pleased that they doing well in flowering too as going to be doing a large grow and have been thinking of doing it as you have , completely with cfls as it makes sense for all main reasons. all the best bruv

  2. Cas-tle Grown on

    Tree Burnah I’m just gonna bust ya nuts for a second. I stay tuned for every update ya know, but you just told us that you update every Wednesday, US Pacific Standard Time. Was there an hour associated with the update? Oh man you know I’m clowning, it just made me double take for a second. Thought I just missed it, nope. I heard correctly. Keep them forest updates comin, its getting beastly in there.

  3. igets high on

    looking good bro there comeing along nice week four both are plants are starting to develop crystals cant wait for week five stay blessed and high

  4. TheCraZyCG on

    Looks Good! I would keep the 6500k, there great. and they do create denser Buds. Your differance here is the amount of Lumens. The 55w have more than double the lumens of the 26w. Double the wattage or double the bulbs and you,ll see the difference. Also if you don,t have a Hood on that bulb than your intensity is,nt as great. Keep it CraZy!!

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