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Cannabis cabinet build update | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment Closet


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Cannabis cabinet build update | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment ClosetCannabis cabinet build update Duration: Varies from about 6 to 22 weeks with pure indices having a shorter flowering time than pure sativa. Mixed indicia/sat…

14 comments on “Cannabis cabinet build update | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment Closet

  1. ScopeKing1994 on

    lol they do have pc fans that plug into outlets. check amazon. and lol if you want more crop go hydro. Hydro grown plants take more heat and you can decrease the bulb count if you buy the cfl bulbs made for growing. there are even some new led standard-fit bulbs on htgsupply. they cost like $28 each but they look promising. I may buy some for my next grow if I cant upgrade to a full grow tent.

  2. Sneak Growa on

    What i was trying to say is that if your giving advice make it advice that follows priciples Stated stealthy, little space, continual havest biweekly atleast. Love the “light baffel” idea. I also will be looking at the pc fan options. Thanks for watching.

  3. MTLKrib on

    I’ve seen vids of people growing dank bud in PC boxes so room size dont mean shit. But whatever size room u got, number one rule is u gotta take stale hot air out and bring new air in. 2 PC fans down the bottom bringing air in and 2 PC fans up the top above the lights pulling air out would be enough for your room I reckon. And make some light traps out of cardboard and stick them on the outside to cover the fans.

  4. Sneak Growa on

    Looks like there are some 120mm fans that use usb cords to run. Ill order those soon. I watered right after the vid. I wanted to show conditions when i arraive home from work. The t5 lights barely put out any heat. That chamber stays around 75-80. I doo leave the doors open sometimes but it cancels the stealth aspect. Thanks for the comments.

  5. LemThurdy420 on

    The heat is 100% causing the size problem. Make a vent at the very top and make a lightproof tunnel out of cardboard and duct tape and your temps will drop 10 degrees. And those heat blankets are adding some heat, car windshield reflectors are better options that are cheap. PM me if you have want some more helpful, non armchair quarterback style tips lol

  6. MTLKrib on

    Those lights below your bud chamber are probably heating up your bud plants’ growing medium as well :/ if u can throw another shelf in, a couple of inches below the shelf your bud plants are sitting on so your veg lights dont have direct contract with your bud shelf, might also help with your heat issue. and i dont know how to hook up pc fans but takes about 15 minutes to find out about anything and everything on the web. goodluck

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