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Canada’s First Cannabis-Related Supreme Court Case


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Canada's First Cannabis-Related Supreme Court CaseCannabis in Canada Founding Director Jason Wilcox is joined by dedicated members of the Cannabis Rights Coalition in front of the Supreme Court to celebrate the start of the proceedings in…

8 comments on “Canada’s First Cannabis-Related Supreme Court Case

  1. FisherManStan88 on

    its so crazy and disturbing that the news isn’t even covering this case.
    haven’t seen one word mentioned about it, if you went out on the streets
    and asked 100people if they knew or know this care is going on I can
    guarantee almost all 100 would say no.
    if it wasn’t for Jay I don’t think anyone would really even know because if
    most of Canada knew this was happening the support would be Overwhelming so
    theyre trying to keep people from finding out about it. EXAMPLE: this video
    only has 500views and a lot of the other videos only have a few thousand
    views, so out of all the millions of people in Canada only a few thousand
    are being reached?? man o man the governments doing a great job at keeping
    this hush hush, even if they are losing in the court its self they are
    really keeping it out of the public eye. disturbing 

  2. terry lawrence on

    Thank You ALL for your strength and persistence in the Pursuit of happiness
    and personal freedom. God Bless and have faith that the Truth about
    Cannabis the cure for Cancer and over 700 medicinal uses without serious,
    harmful debilitating side effects… will set us free. I`ll bet she
    laughed, common sense usually rules when dealing with a Intelligent Woman.

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