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3 D Cannabis Center Denver part 2


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3 D Cannabis Center Denver part 2Alex shows us some plants at the 3 D Cannabis Center in Denver.

13 comments on “3 D Cannabis Center Denver part 2

  1. oJUBAo on

    Hey Remo loving the 3 D tour 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to ask you opinion….
    I have a Blue Cheese “barneys” x Black Domina “Sensi Seeds” Sativa
    dominant. 65-70 day flower.
    if i put it back into growth and take cuttings will it change in anyway?
    size of yield smell quality ect…
    I planted 24 seeds originally 16 females all up and looked passed it when
    taking cuttings back in week 3 flower and now i am in love with it and
    would love to continue with it in the future.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Stinky McNugs on

    Very Impressive! What a bunch of beautiful girls. I wish u also covered
    strengths of nutrients (rough ppms) for each phase. I love the insite! Keep
    up the great work we love what you do Remo!

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