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What is CANNABIS Auto Flowering?

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In the 1960s and the days of ‘Flower Power’…

A time when smoking cannabis was at an all-time high – pun intended …

If someone said were into cannabis autoflowering, most people would think they were talking about all the giant daisies they had painted on their VW camper van when they were stoned.

Now that science has become seriously involved in the production of cannabis, we all have a lot more to learn, but Mother Nature still works without too much help.

So here’s some things that are known about autoflowering cannabis plants….

Autoflowering occurs naturally and is not dependent on a specific light cycle.

After a vegetative period of two to four weeks, the cannabis plant will automatically begin to flower without the need for specific photoperiods – timed periods of bright light.

Autoflowering cannabis plants grow well outside and they will bud freely.

Grown indoors these plants are usually ripe for harvesting after only three months.

Autoflowering cannabis plants still love the light, and the more light they get, the more buds they produce.

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