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Importance of Good Airflow in Your Grow-room

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How important is good airflow in a grow room?

Good airflow in your grow room is vital for the health of plants.

Of course, like anything, you can have too much, so what is a good level of ventilation?

The answer comes in a simple phrase – “A light sway is a perfect day”. In other words, you just want the leaves on your plants to sway gently in a light breeze.

The best way to provide that breeze can be through the use of an oscillating fan – this type of ventilation is good as it can stop leaves from suffering from wind burn.

So, how does goo ventilation actually help your plants.

First, the gentle breeze will strengthen the plants as they look to counteract the force of the breeze.

Second, keeping the air around your plants as fresh as possible will prevent the build up of damp and humidity, as well as maximizing uptake of carbon dioxide.

Perhaps of greatest importance, good ventilation allows leaves to breathe, aiding photosynthesis and consequently plant growth.

When a plant breathes, it exhales moisture from tiny pores in its leaves, which then encourages the uptake of more water and nutrients through its roots.

If that moisture does not evaporate swiftly, it can create a build up of dust on the leaves which will then result in the pores becoming blocked, which can then lead to leaves dying and resulting in a weak and unproductive plant.

A gentle breeze also reduces the likelihood of bugs as they will find it hard to land on your plants, while, at the same time, encouraging the development of pollen, which is no bad thing!

Finally, having good ventilation makes it easier to regulate humidity levels, as you will be aiming for between 30% and 60% relative humidity for optimum plant growth.

If you have any suggestions for optimizing airflow in a grow room, please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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