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How & When to use Cal-Mag

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How and When to Use Cal-mag for Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a lot of fun until your plants start dying without any rhyme or reason.
Well, there certainly is a reason, but you may not see it first. Moreover, this can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve cared for the plants like they are your own children. Among the many problems facing plants, cannabis nutrient deficiencies are the most common and can end up causing nutrient lockout.

What is Cal-mag and how can we use it in cannabis growth and when is the Right time to use it?”
Some of you may be thinking about Cal-mag and why should you need to use it for cannabis!
Knowing that your plant has a nutrient deficiency is essential for maintaining a healthy crop because cannabis plants need nutrients to develop the branches, leaves and further along into their growth cycle, the buds.

A nutrient deficiency occurs when your plants don’t get enough food, become stressed and can be more susceptible to bugs, mold, and diseases which can reduce the yields and ultimately kill your plants. These nutrient deficiencies often present in the leaves, such as yellowing, burnt tips, and in more serious cases, crispy and burnt leaves.

it’s important to know that a nutrient deficiency is not only caused by underfeeding but also due to improper pH levels and should not be confused with nutrient toxicity, which is caused by excessive feeding.

Cal-mag is nothing more than a supplement of Calcium and magnesium and other nutrients, cal-mag deficiency often happen together in plants. This is why most growers deal with cal mag deficiency at some point. The easiest way to deal with cal mag deficiency is to add good quality composite to the soil.

You can add garden lime, crushed eggshells, dolomite, and even fish meal to enhance the quality of your soil. And of course you can Use a Cal-Mag Supplement directly.
So you can mix Cal-mag with your normal nutrients solution that you can store in gallon of water.

The reason of using cal-mag is to fulfill the requirement of minerals to plant. If we talk about the dosage of Cal-Mag then the exact dosage would be 3-5 ml per gallon of water, this 5ml will be equal to one teaspoon so for 5 gallons it will be 20-25ml of Cal-Mag.

5ml will be the initial dosage amount for soil if you have existing calcium and magnesium deficiency in your plants. But if you want to use it as a preventive measure then you need to start with 1-1.5ml per gallon.

If using a soilless medium such as coco coir, then it’s a good idea to load up on the Cal-Mag prior to transplanting your established clone or seed. Start with 5 mL/gallon for the first few watering’s, then reverse back to 1-1.5 mL/gallon thereafter.
But when should you use cal-mag?

If you are experiencing calcium magnesium deficiencies then we recommend not waiting, applying 1 or 2ml of cal-mag per gallon of water and pouring straight to your plants. the ideal time of using cal-mag is in day time or after the lights turn on, Because during the day the movement of water is quicker than at night.

The best way to resolve nutrient issues with cannabis is to catch them early. But it’s even better to prevent likely issues outright, which is why you should use a light dose of Cal-Mag throughout your grows

So, in summary the starting dosage of cal-mag should be 1-3 ml/gallon as a preventive measure. And for most growers the ideal time of watering is just before the rising of sun. Because plant will stay in a healthier environment all day long.

Let us know how you use cal-mag in the comment section below, and of course if you enjoyed this video to like and subscribe so you too can become a cannabis expert!

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