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How to take Cannabis Cuttings – Part 1

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How to take cuttings from a cannabis plant

When there is a wealth of information out there about growing cannabis plants from seeds, it might seem a little strange to be talking about taking cuttings.

So, why would you take cuttings from a cannabis plant?

Well, To grow more plants of the same quality as the “mother”.

Growing cannabis plants from seed can produce varying results, whereas taking cuttings and using them to grow new plants takes all the risk and guesswork out of the equation.

The process of taking cuttings from one plant to create new plants is called cloning, which is a word you may already be familiar with.

First, you need to choose a female plant that is hardy, growing rapidly, with great yields, large roots, and strong buds.

Sativa plants are better than Indica plants and best for taking cuttings from.

You can use an indoor or outdoor plant, but to get the best results, grow the cuttings in the same environment as the mother.

You should then take your cuttings when the mother plant is in a vegetative state as opposed to when it is flowering, as the cuttings will take root more successfully.

Choose a branch from lower down on the mother plant, and with a very sharp knife, or secateurs, and make sure to clip it at an angle as this will help it absorb water and root more easily.

If you cut the branch with a blunt blade, you will crush as opposed to cut the fibres, which will stop the branch from taking root.

Each branch should be between six and eight inches long and should have at least one pair of leaves left on it, allowing two new branches to sprout from it.

Perhaps you’ve got any tips for taking cuttings, please share them with us in the comments section below.

In the meantime, keep a look out for our follow-on video on how to successfully root your cuttings.

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