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How to Avoid MOLD when Drying & Curing CANNABIS!

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How to Avoid Mold When Curing Your Cannabis

We’ve talked a lot in previous videos about how best to grow your cannabis, but then what do you do?

Once you have harvested your precious buds, you need to dry and cure them.

This is a deliberate two-stage process as your buds will contain a lot of moisture when first picked.

You want to reduce moisture levels by around 90% before the cannabis is ready to be smoked.

Ideal conditions for drying cannabis are 20 degrees centigrade and 65% humidity

Either put it in a large cardboard box or in a cupboard, but make sure there will still be plenty of ventilation to allow moisture to escape.

If your house is cold, you can include a small 30w tubular heater for that extra bit of necessary warmth.

Make sure the air circulates well, so a small 4-6-inch desktop fan should work well in a large cardboard box, but you may need a larger fan for a much larger crop.

Hang the bud branches from a ‘clothesline’ for about two weeks.

Now, that’s the drying stage complete, so why do you need to then cure your cannabis?

Curing helps to concentrate the flavour, aroma and potency of your cannabis, and also gets rid of further moisture, meaning your cannabis will last longer.

Curing involves placing your buds in sealed glass jars that are no more than three-quarters filled.
However, before you do that, you need to trim the buds of an unnecessary leaves or stems, as these all contain moisture that you are trying to avoid.

Once in the sealed jars, you then need to burp!

No, not that type of burp.

Burping is the term used for removing the stale, humid air in a jar, and you will need to burp them up to four-times a day, initially, to avoid the build-up of mold-forming moisture.

After a week you can reduce this to once or twice a day.

Ideally humidity levels in the jar should remain at around 62% and you can buy humidity packs which will help you to keep an eye on humidity levels.

After two to three weeks of curing, your cannabis should be ready to smoke, though the curing process will continue, so remember to burp your jars every day or two.

We’d love to know how you go about curing your cannabis, do let us know in the comment section below!

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