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Hemp & Cannabis: Whats the Difference?

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Do you know the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Maybe you think they are one and the same thing.

They look pretty similar and both come from the plant species Cannabis sativa.

However, just because two plants have the same ancestors, that doesn’t mean they both grow up to be the same.

While cannabis, with high levels of THC, was produced for its psychotropic, or recreational drug use, hemp, which has far lower amounts of THC in it, was grown for a more commercial purpose.

Up until 1973, hemp was grown freely and used for its fibrous properties.

So, for over 10,000 years hemp was used to make rope, paper, and for cloth to cover furniture or for making clothes.

Then, in 1973, much of it stopped.

That was when the Americans banned hemp because it had THC in it.

That has now changed and much of today’s CBD oil actually comes from hemp?

While it may have small quantities of THC in it, it has the same levels of CBD as the cannabis plant.

What we want to know is if any of you have tried smoking hemp to see if anything happens. Let us know in the comments below.

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