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Hash v Skunk: Whats the Difference?

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The world of cannabis seems to have its own language, and it can get really confusing, especially when it uses words that have a totally different meaning to the ones we’re used to.

Isn’t a reefer a jacket?

Surely a joint is what you roast on Sundays?

It gets no easier when you use terms like hash and skunk and no, we’re not referring to a black and white mammal renowned for its unholy stench!

So, what is hash if it doesn’t contain corned beef or has a tag attached to it on Twitter?

Hash is cannabis resin obtained from cannabis plant buds and is in essence a far more concentrated form of cannabinoids, rich in THC.

Hash is usually smoked using a pipe or crumbled up with rolling tobacco in a joint, and we’ don’t mean beef or lamb!

Hash is also an abbreviation for the word hashish, a word of Arabic origins for dry herbs and which was first used in the English language around the beginning of the 17th century.

Skunk is a more general term which is used for cannabis that comes from a cross-breed of cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica plants.

So, Why the cross breed you may be asking.

Well, Rumor has it that it creates a more potent form of cannabis, but we couldn’t possibly say, because how would we know?(cough, splutter)?

Anyhow, are you more an animal lover and prefer skunk, or are you more into social media and like your hash?

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