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First Decisions When Growing Cannabis!

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The most important decisions to first make when growing cannabis plants

Please note that this video is purely for advice purposes and we leave it to you to check up on the law in the country, or state where you live, regarding growing cannabis plants.

You could write a whole book crammed full of advice on growing cannabis plants, which may go a long way to explaining why there are so many books on the subject…

So, what’s the best advice to give you when starting out?

Decide on where and how you are going to grow your plants.
By this, we don’t mean in your living room, the attic or your bathroom, but indoors or outside.

Once you have decided, you then want to decide on how you want to grow your plants.

Here you have two general options for growing plants indoors.
First there is deep water culture hydroponics, or DWC which is easier to say.

This is the most efficient way to grow your plants as with the roots in well-oxygenated and nutrient-rich water, they can spend all their energy on growing rather than searching for food and water.

Then you can use coco coir, which has all the benefits of soil growth, but with the advantages of hydroponics.

This occurs because the coco coir absorbs so much more water than soil, which enables the plants to absorb moisture and nutrients more easily.

Outside, you can grow your cannabis plants in either organic, composted or shop-bought soil with added liquid nutrients.

If you make your own composted soil, you will be able to eliminate the need to add nutrients throughout the growing season, reducing the time needed to care for your plants.

If you have any preference for indoor or outdoor plants, let us know in the comments below.

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