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Does CANNABIS Improve Your SEX Life

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How cannabis can improve your sex life

In countries where it is legal to smoke cannabis, it has long been known that one of the side-effects of the drug is an improved sex life.

What we wanted to know was why, so we did a bit of research and we found out some surprising things.

The first thing we discovered is that there is hardly any research on the topic because, surprise surprise, smoking cannabis has, until recently, been illegal almost everywhere.

Second, we discovered that it is more an urban myth that cannabis improves your sex life and, what research there is, would actually point in the opposite direction, particularly for those who smoke cannabis regularly.

It would seem that for men, regular smoking of cannabis can make achieving an orgasm harder, and can severely reduce their sperm count.
So, where did the myth about cannabis and your sex life first gain traction?

The answer is quite simple.

In the surveys carried out, roughly 50% of respondents indicated that some areas of their sex life were better, but it varied between respondents.

Some men and women reported stronger and better orgasms, others simply reported being more tactile during sex.
Cannabis can help you to relax and in so doing, it can lower your level of inhibition.

Also, if we have hang-ups or insecurities, these tend to disappear after smoking cannabis.

As a consequence, with greater confidence comes greater enjoyment.
However, much of this is from a male perspective and most research on the subject involved more responses from men than women.

What we must say is that if you live somewhere cannabis is legal and intend to engage in sex after getting high, set out some rules.

As with any sex, it must be consensual, but when including cannabis, there should be more attention paid to affirmative consent for anything and everything you do.

So, have you got any tales you can tell us about your own experiences?

Perhaps you disagree with what we have found out?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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