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Does Cannabis Help with Asthma?

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Cannabis is something that can be inhaled in many different ways. You can use a water pipe, joint, or vaporizer to name a few. It delivers cannabinoids directly to the lungs. This makes it a viable way to treat asthma.

Studies show that cannabis does not harm lung tissue. But inhaling the combustive by-products might offer some risks. Smoking is thus not the best way to treat lung disease. It is better to vape, or to use an inhaler for optimal results.

Both THC and CBD have been proving successful to treat asthma. Studies show that medical marijuana has a similar effect on the airways as some traditional asthma medication.

THC is mostly known for its euphoric response due to its psychoactive properties. But THC acts similar to the endocannabinoids we have in our own body too. THC is known to effectively dilate airways in the lungs and inhibit coughing.

Even when a person smokes marijuana, it dilates the airways. In comparison, cigarettes do exactly the opposite. Cigarettes constrict the airways.

When a person has an asthma attack, a chemical molecule, acetylcholine, normally responsible for maintaining muscle tone of the airways, also contributes to the contractions in asthma attacks.

Traditional asthma medication blocks the molecule by preventing it to bind to the receptors. THC likewise does the same. It does not stop the molecule from binding, it prevents acetylcholine from being released.
When THC is released through a vaporizer, it has almost immediate bronchial dilation effects without the risk of harmful smoke.

CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it has very strong anti-inflammatory benefits. Furthermore, CBD helps to let you sleep better and lowers stress-levels tremendously.

Using CBD daily in oils or tinctures, help the body to reduce inflammatory responses in the body. CBD is also very good at reducing bronchial spasms. CBD is very safe to use with little to no side-effects.

As cannabis technology is improving at a rapid pace, patients with lung problems have more options to choose from. There is easy access to cannabinoid inhalers and nebulizers that eliminates the need to smoke cannabis as a treatment for asthma.

Vaporizers and vape pens are also out there. Obviously more studies will follow, but as for now, cannabis is viable in treating asthma.

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