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Dangers of Cannabis: Parody!

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Under certain circumstances, cannabis can be extremely dangerous, as one Australian found out a few years ago.

One evening, his neighbours in a suburb of Adelaide, the then ‘cannabis capital of Australia’, were shaken up by a very large explosion.

When the police arrived to investigate, they found the remains of the man at the bottom of a very large hole in the ground.

The air was also filled with the unmistakable smell of cannabis.
he truth soon became apparent as it turns out the unfortunate person was growing cannabis in a hydroponic system he had built in an underground water tank.

To help promote plant growth, he was using a CO2 generator – a small flame from a large butane gas cylinder.

It would appear that the flame had gone out, and had been out for quite some time, thus turning the underground tank into a ticking time bomb.

The police believe the man struck a match to relight the generator flame, at which point both he and his cannabis plant growing enterprise came to an abrupt and unplanned demise.

Have you had any mishaps growing plants you’d care to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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