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Cure Sick CANNABIS Plant!

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While some of you may enjoy talking to your cannabis plants, unfortunately they can’t talk back.

When they are unwell, they can’t tell you what’s wrong, so they just look at you. limply and listlessly, sometimes even looking a bit off colour.

Unfortunately, you can’t stick a thermometer underneath a leaf or touch it to see if it’s running a temperature, so how do you know what might be wrong?

First question to ask is whether you have got the right growing conditions?

Is the room temperature warm enough or even too warm?

Is there sufficient humidity – cannabis plants need a humid atmosphere.

Have you been under-watering or over watering the plant? Did you know that over-watering a cannabis plant can rot its roots and eventually kill it?

Have you spotted any mould on the leaves or white, powdery mildew? This is a sign that there is insufficient ventilation in the room – cannabis plants need fresh air to breathe, even in a warm and humid environment.

If you have spotted a very fine silk-like covering to your buds then chances are you’ve been paid a visit by spider mites, and aside from improving ventilation, you will probably need to source a good organic pesticide.

If you are growing more than one cannabis plant, make sure they are well spaced out and use a fan to provide extra ventilation.

Is your plant getting sufficient nutrition, or even the right level of nutrients? Have you got the balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium right for its current stage of growth?

Too much or too little of any of these nutrients can cause any cannabis plant to struggle.

Have you got the PH value of the soil right? Once again this is a critical element to growing a healthy cannabis plant.

You should aim for a PH of 6, with a 0.5 leeway either side. If the soil is too acidic or alkali, the plant will struggle to survive.

Is your plant getting enough or too much light? Are you using the correct light?

Did you know that Compact fluorescent lights are great for seedlings but hopeless for established plants when you should change over to either high-intensity discharge lights – HIDs – or LEDs.

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