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Cannabis is better than Aspirin for pain relief. Apparently

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Have you ever taken pain killers to cure a headache, or perhaps even the lingering hangover from the night before?

What if we were to tell you that Cannabis is better than Aspirin for pain relief?

Well there could be some trust in the statement, though it seems to have been a well-kept secret.

Believe it or not, it was over thirty years ago that it was first discovered that there was something in cannabis that was up to thirty times more effective than aspirin to treat pain.

So, what’s been happening since then?

Well a few men in white coats working in a lab in Canada have managed to discover what it is in cannabis that is so effective against pain.

They are called flavonoids.

They are some of the over-400 chemicals found in cannabis plants.

Two flavonoids in particular have been identified as powerful pain killers – Cannflavin A and Cannflavin B

Flavonoids have already been recognised as chemicals found in ‘superfoods’ with health benefits through their antioxidant, anticancer and neuroprotective properties.

Cannaflavins A and B are particularly effective as they block the production of two chemicals in the body that promote inflammation.

Better still, when used daily or with alcohol, the likes of aspirin and ibuprofen can damage the liver, while there is no sign that Cannflavins have the same side effect.

Have you heard about Cannflavins and would you consider using them as an alternative to asprin?

Or perhaps you already have…If so we’d love to know if it worked?

Let us know in the comments section below , and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to our channel so you too can become a cannabis expert.

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