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Can you make a CANNABIS Smoothie?

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Can you Juice a Cannabis Plant?

When juicing fruit and vegetables first became popular, everybody tried to experiment.

Virtually everything except the family gerbil went into a juicer and the results were mixed where flavour was concerned.

It seemed that the more disgusting the taste of a juice combination, the better it was likely to be for your health.

However, one product which existed but which you couldn’t buy down at your local fruit and veg shop seemed to have escaped the juicing craze.

We’re talking about the cannabis plant.

You can juice a cannabis plant, especially if it is full of ripe, juicy buds.

Raw cannabis leaves and buds contain antioxidants and neuroprotective chemicals.

But don’t get too excited if you think a new way to get high while getting healthy has been discovered.

The THC in cannabis only becomes psychoactive when heated, not when juiced!

Instead, you get all the known benefits from cannabis, but because a juicer cold presses the cannabis plant, none of the nutrients are destroyed by heat.

Maybe you’ve already tried juicing cannabis, or maybe you’ve a recipe for your own cannabis smoothie. Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear.

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