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Can Vaping Kill You?!?

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Were reaching the climax of 2019 and the CBD and THC oil vaping community has been rocked by some upsetting and disturbing news.

In the United states, there have been over 12 deaths and over 800 lung injuries which have recently been attributed to vaping.

This concerns us cannabis experts as the vast majority of these incidents involve the vaping of THC oil.

On today’s market There is a massive counterfeit industry for THC vape cartridges, however very few from regulated providers.

The plot then thickens, as there are established non-licenses sellers of vape cartridges and then there are counterfeiters selling knock-off versions of established unregulated suppliers.

Boy is this confusing.

Essentially, most THC vape liquid suppliers are unregulated, so there is no control over what you put in THC vape cartridges. However, the likes of “Dank Vapes” had established themselves as a major supplier of good-quality unregulated cartridges.

Counterfeiters saw their opportunity and the market is now awash with knock-off “Dank Vapes” products, and it is these that seem to be doing all the damage.

One small survey carried out by the US’s NBC news checked out 18 THC vape cartridges, 3 from a legitimate licensed source and the other 15 from the “black market”.
When analysed, the three legitimate cartridges contained no toxins.

The 15 others all contained myclobutanil, a fungicide that can transform into hydrogen cyanide when burned.

Yes, cyanide!

Thirteen of those contained Vitamin E acetate, which some health officials have blamed for the vaping deaths.

Enough said.

If you have your own theory on these cases, let us know in the comments below.
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