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Best Nutrients for Growing Cannabis

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The value of nutrition and boosters for plant growth

Whether for healthy humans or healthy plants, ample and good nutrition is vital.

However, plants and humans don’t quite live off the same diet, so there’s little point in feeding your plants pizza or crisps, not that they are really classed as good nutrition.

So, what is good for plant growth when it comes to nutrition and boosters.

Let’s start with basic nutrition.

Water – not too much, but not too little – the advice is to keep soil moist, but not wet.

Warmth and humidity allow plants to maximise any benefits from nutrition, so aim for 50% humidity and between 65 and 80 degrees depending on the strain of plant.

In general terms, good, organic potting compost is a good soil to grow your plants in as it is relatively rich in minerals and nitrogen.

So, what do plants need to grow when it comes to other specific nutrients?

The six main ones are:


The cheapest way to provide organic nutrients is to use products like blood meal and fish meal for nitrogen, bone meal and bat guano for phosphorus, wood ash and kelp meal for potassium, dolomite lime for calcium and magnesium, and Epsom salts as a source of magnesium and sulfur.

Other nutrients that are vital, but needed in lower quantities are:


So, what about boosters and, more to the point, what are boosters?
Boosters is simply a name given to a fertilizer with a specific Nitrogen, Phosphorous, potassium ration.

The reason why the ratio differs is because you require different amounts of these three elements depending on whether your plants are growing or are beginning to flower.

When your plants are just growing, higher levels of nitrogen are required.

When your plants begin to bloom, then they require much more potassium and phosphorous.

These are therefore referred to as “boosters”.

Have you any thoughts on the use of boosters? Let us know in the comments section underneath.

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