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5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains!

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5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains for 2020

If you have an environment that is free from any restrictions, such as space or lack of indoor facilities, then aside from the potency of the CBD or THC levels, yield will be a major deciding factor.

If you are new to cannabis plant growing, and assuming it is legal for you to do so, we’ve gone through our extensive catalogue of seeds and come up with our top-five most productive strains of cannabis plant to give you a helping hand.

In general terms, the more buds, the greater the volume of cannabis, though if you are more into producing hash as opposed to cannabis, then you will be looking for plants that are rich in trichomes.

The following five cannabis strains will comfortably provide you with the high yields that you may be looking for:

At Number 5 there is Pineapple Express, which is popular for more than just its excellent yield. Flowering time is only 55 days and a THC concentration of 19% is not to be sniffed at, unless you like the pineapple turpenes!
Best of all, this darling of a plant can produce up to 550 grammes per square meter when grown indoors.

At Number 4 is Northern Lights which, indoors, can produce up to 450 grammes per square meter, which is not to be sneezed at, unless you are allergic to cannabis…
The buds are a beautiful colour, but if there is one drawback, it is the fact these plants need a lot of light.

Coming in at Number three is Blue Dream, which is one of the most productive of strains, both indoors and outdoors, having originally been developed to be grown outdoors in California.
This is a very popular strain as it requires minimal maintenance and is mildew resistant.

At Number two there is Critical Mass, which also appeared in the Top 5 CBD strains. However, when it comes to yield, 750 grammes per square meter is pretty efficient, especially if you are short on space.

The top spot for best-yielding cannabis plant goes to Critical Kush, and if you know anything about cannabis plants and seeds, when you see the word Kush, you know that this is a seriously good strain having its origins in the Hindu Kush mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The buds on Critical Kush are also likely to be some of the largest you will ever see!
So, have you had any particularly heavy crops with a particular strain? If you are legally allowed to grow cannabis, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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