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5 Fastest Growing Cannabis Strains!

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Our Top-5 Fastest-growing Strains of Cannabis Plant for 2020

To avoid any confusion, here we are talking about strains of cannabis that take the least amount of time to go from seed to harvesting of buds.

In reality, it makes little sense to grow a cannabis plant that reaches a height of five foot in two months, but which then takes a total of six months to start bearing flowers and buds.

For this reason, we generally tend to find that auto flowering varieties of cannabis plants produce the quickest results, and these are the ones we will focus on today.

We have covered auto flowering plants in an earlier vid, but as a quick reminder, they don’t need to be pollinated and will develop flowers, and buds without any human intervention.

Auto flowering cannabis plants are popular because many can be harvested within 9 weeks from germination.

So, coming in at Number 5 there is Auto Kush. Immediately you should feel confident in this plant when you see the word Kush, synonymous with powerful cannabis strains. Not only is this a fast grower, but it is also easy to grow, and a great place to start if you have not grown cannabis plants before and have an impatient nature! Seed to harvest can be achieved in as little as 60 days.

At Number 4 we have Auto Acid. Why? Because it is a great balance of speed and yield, generally ready for harvesting 70 or so days after germination of the seed and it can be grown in almost any environment.

Listed at Number 3 there is the fast-maturing Lemon Haze Auto, which has a lifecycle of approximately 65 days from seed to harvest. Now that is definitely quick!
What’s more this strain remains ever popular for its citrussy aroma!

At Number 2 we have AK49 Auto. Not only is this a fast grower, but the cannabis is one of the most potent varieties around, in part a consequence of its compact buds which are full of hair and glistening trichomes. Seed to harvest takes around 10 weeks.

Last, but most definitely not least, there is Afghan Kush Ryder, which will show a dramatic change after just 14 days of vegetative growth when it switches to auto flowering overdrive and the development of resinous lime-green buds.
From start to finish this plant will be ready to go within 9 or 10 weeks.

So, do you agree with our list, perhaps you have your own ideas on fast-growing strains. do share them with us in the comments section below, and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to our channel so you too can become a cannabis expert!

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