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Yes on 64 — Milton Friedman and marijuana prohibition


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Yes on 64 -- Milton Friedman and marijuana prohibitionNobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman discusses how marijuana prohibition — like alcohol prohibition — has been a failure. Amendment 64 — — would end marijuana prohibition in Colorado and replace it with a system in which marijuana is legal and regulated similarly to alcohol. Friedman explains how marijuana prohibition has been ineffective and wasteful, and comments to the same effect are included from notable conservatives like William F. Buckley, Pat Rober

3 comments on “Yes on 64 — Milton Friedman and marijuana prohibition

  1. Sue Sisley, MD on

    The PR Firm who crafted these ads deserves a medal. What a clear and concise summary of the facts from our Conservative Allies. There is growing groundswell of Conservative Thinkers who recognize our War on Drugs is an utter failure, and NO FURTHER TAXPAYER DOLLARS should be wasted on this–funds should be shifted to education, treatment, regulation and taxation. This segment highlights it beautifully. Congrats–now onward to VICTORY Amendment 64.

  2. Gary Briggs on

    Read sign and share this new White House Petition to legalize Marijuana in all 50 states and reduce the national debt to zero!…. h t t p : / / w h . g o v / B A u a ….take out the spaces!

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