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What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user?


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What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user?If you want the President to earn your vote, tweet this: @barackobama @kalpenn @johnthecho It takes more than lame jokes to earn votes. It takes action. Change the marijuana laws. #EarnMyVote On September 3, in what President Obama’s press secretary described as an attempt to appeal to “the youth vote”, the Obama campaign released an ad featuring fictional potheads Harold and Kumar. The President asks them for their support and they agree, mindlessly gobbling junk food and chuckling at cartoons.

20 comments on “What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user?

  1. Tardyjay on

    Both of those videos were about raid MAINLY for Marijuana. The second raid was against a former Marine who was shot and killed after Swat with itchy trigger fingers lost their cool. Most raids that you see like in this video are exactly like in this video. Educate yourself and see the truth. Stop making excuses and lies for our Gov’t and it’s corrupt policies. Stop guessing as well. You have no real clue how much revenue weed can bring in. Not to mention health benefits. Learn.

  2. doodlebroSH on

    At a faster pace than president bush?

    Do you have any fucking clue how many dispensaries have opened and stayed opened under Obama?

    Holy fuck, this video is ridiculous.

  3. NikoKun on

    Yes, obviously Obama’s stance on Marijuana policies has sucked so far.
    But there is only 2 realistic options for President right now, and you can bet your pants that Romney would be 100 times worse for Marijuana policies.

  4. Silverstorm0042 on

    You can doubt all you like, but the videos were, in fact, typical of cannabis raids, including the killing of innocent pets just because they can get away with it.

    Kill my pets, Mr Police Officer, and you will have declared a VERY costly war. That much is a fact.

    Decriminalization is BS.

    So you would rather keep cannabis illegal because it would bite into profits of companies guilty of the deaths of millions?

    You are indeed one sick puppy!

  5. Yvette Backasch on

    the tobacco + alcohol lobby influence is too big, has nothing to do with the president in this case he is obviously just a lobby puppet
    the republicans s would not change the situation at all… it even would get worst… back in time…. even when they now say they would legalize its just vote catching

  6. Silverstorm0042 on

    No, YOU are the one who is ridiculous.

    The fact is that Obummer’s administration did more raids in 3 years than Shrub did in eight.

    Get a clue before you post here and make yourself look like an idiotic buffoon.

  7. Tardyjay on

    Yes, this is true. What you fail to mention, though, is that the reason why the dispensaries have been opening more as of late, under Obama, is because of the state policies. Not Gov’t policies. Obama has nothing to do with how states run their Marijuana laws and services. Pull your head out of your ass. Educate yourself. States have been giving the finger to the Gov’t and doing what they wish. This video shows exactly what is wrong with Gov’t policy against Marijuana. Learn.

  8. Wellesley805 on

    You should have not put those two videos. I doubt most raids are like that, and I doubt both the ones shown were actually for anything marijuana related.
    I am 1000% (yes one thousand) for the Decriminalization of Cannabis through out the entire Nation. I don’t want it legalized because the MAJOR deficits it’ll bring to the Tobacco, Medicinal, and Prescription medicine industries would possibly go under. Those 3 alone, I’m guessing make at least 8% of the nations Tax revenue.

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