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Vapor Bong Hits


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Vapor Bong HitsThe bong doesn’t really need to filter anything, but it sure does cool the vapor down. My Facebook: My Reddit: Buy TheGuyThatCouldFly shirts! Temporary R3DBAND site: Backup Channel: I am a medical marijuana patient, protected by Amendment 20 of the Colorado constitution that allows for cannabis use for medical purposes. Thanks for watching!

20 comments on “Vapor Bong Hits

  1. TheTheeggmann on

    You can get Mesothelioma from warm water? Never heard of warm water harming your lungs, in that case we shouldn’t breathe when sitting in a hot tub or a steam room.

  2. hampstershat123 on

    you should get a bong adapter, with my extreme Q I can get huge milky hits (with temp relatively high but not burning), might have something to do with how airtight it is

  3. WowImAlive on

    how the hell can warm water break your bong? i guess if you put boiling hot water into some china glass then yeah… It hasnt happened to me and ive been doing this on occasion for years

  4. Kush Man on

    Please tell me your saw Jesse Ventura, live last night on Piers Morgan. During the interview, Ventura gave a complete random shout out to Colorado and Washington. He actually congratulated the states for legalizing marijuana for a few minutes. It was fucking awesome Mark.

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