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tokin daily: life issues


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tokin daily: life issuessuch is how it goes. depression, loneliness, anxiety are mental killers for a lot of people in the world. to all of you going through these life issues, i salute you and say cheers! you…

20 comments on “tokin daily: life issues

  1. etf4lyfe666 on

    Hey Paul thanks for the video. I get depressed a lot and these videos and
    the motivation you give really help me out. Especially with my dreams in
    the cannabis industry. You really make that seem possible to me. Also i
    totally agree with you on prerolls. I hate it when i don’t get a crutch in
    my joint which is how some dispensarys do it here in Washington.

  2. Benjamin Whitehouee on

    Hi Paul, I am in the same situation as you, I get very depressed and find
    it hard to find motoviation for life. And the same as you when I smoke weed
    my problems seem to just go away, unfortunately I live in England and weed
    is more exspensive for smaller amounts so I have to spend majorities of the
    time not high which makes myself very difficult. Your videos help me allot
    and I really respect you as a person. I would love to say it face to face
    but thank you for helping with my life and problems

  3. Chris T. on

    I watch these videos everyday as well. I see a lot of me in your
    personality. you’re a good dude Paul, keep spreading positivity and
    cannabis with the world. cheers bro.

  4. jameswill23 on

    thanks for your videos paul i suffer from anxiety very badely your videos
    really make my day i have been watching you since 2009 cheers paul thanks
    for your videos

  5. Niklas Schäffer on

    omfg mr paul you got magic skills !
    i wasnt able to change my volume for goddamn weeks but then i thought oh
    lets watch a vid of tokin daily and wooooow it just fixed 😀

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