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tokin daily: hashymelt


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tokin daily: hashymeltgettin things a little melty this morning, just the way i like them. cheers world! a big thank you to the sponsors that make tokin daily possible: for more tokinstuffs…

20 comments on “tokin daily: hashymelt

  1. bford98541 on

    paul i love your videos, have you thought about reposting your twitch
    gaming videos on here? just as random surprises to your youtube fans? i
    cant get on twitch but id still love to watch them plus theyed get good

  2. Bradyn Baez on

    Wax is just too expensive for me. I do not dab anyway, I just put it on top
    of the bowls like you do. It is insanely tasty, I would do it much more
    often if I could. 

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