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tokin daily: get loud get proud!


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tokin daily: get loud get proud!some nice ripe floweres to look at and then a good and smokey bowl for my lungs as i chat about last nights karaoke’ing a big thank you to the sponsors that make tokin daily possible:

16 comments on “tokin daily: get loud get proud!

  1. ZantoF5 on

    Tokin Daily Helping me so much trough what i live… Last day i went to the
    hospitale, for my depression.. and everything to a guy and, he gave me
    pills prescription. Im taking them right now, and im trying to stop weed
    for the moment, cause, weed make u able to think alot more then normally…
    and when itake weed, cause of my depression i only think about bad stuff..
    so it disnt help me much… :`
    But i get back on in 6 week 😀 😀 !! keep doing your awesome work Paul.

  2. cleardelusions on

    Thats some really nice looking bud man! Everytime I see the stuff you smoke
    on its gets me all green with envy, the local growers here have not heard
    of pulling males out!

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