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“This Is A New Penalty For Pot For Kids!” Legalization Of Marijuana Law In WA State Must Be Defeated


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October 16, 2012 KOMO 4 News

20 comments on ““This Is A New Penalty For Pot For Kids!” Legalization Of Marijuana Law In WA State Must Be Defeated

  1. HitmannDDD on

    Maybe the kids using MJ realize the sheer stupidity of the prohibition against one of the most begnign drugs out there and simply don’t want to quit? The same can’t be said about heroine or cocaine. I’ve never met a heroine, cocaine or other hard drug addict that didn’t on some level realize they were on a path to self destruction. Perhaps his failure isn’t the fault of the drug considering its less addictive than legal drugs. No, its either his failure as a Dr, or what I said above.

  2. ZejithThemis on

    so many disingenuous statements.
    “…it has many compounds in it ”
    —and what, pray tell, doesn’t?
    “…just like .08 works for alcohol”
    —except that blood or urine test can result positive for cannabis metabolites anywhere from a week to to months out from last use.
    “…I can’t get them off marijuana!”
    —maybe because they’ve been mandated to see you and have no real desire to quit?
    so. much. bullshittery.

  3. therealdavid762 on

    Cannabis never belonged on the Schedule 1 list alongside heroin and cocaine. It is not addictive. It does have a myriad of legitimate medical uses. Once removed from the hands of street dealers through legalization, it does not promote other illicit drug use.
    Violence associated with cannabis is directly related to its being illegal. When was the last time that you saw a gun battle over the importation and distribution of Corona Extra? (And most of that violence in the USA has been from police.)

  4. Firstone Lastone on

    yes growing is banned, the dui limit is not based on science, to make the projected income it will have to be so costly that theblack market will only get bigger, also will make things horrible for med users. vote no-

  5. Ekrikiminkle on

    Anything this illegitimate piece of shit ”government” tries to do will be a clusterfuck. Every childrens playground should have a fucking dispensary right across the street so the parents have a convenient place to get weed. I’d give the autistic kiddies a free cannabis lollypop.

  6. captainwess on

    here are 5 plants that are known to be some of the most deadly in the world, you can buy them at your local walmart, there are no age restrictions, there are no limitations to the amount you may buy or plant, these plants can be found every where, even you local elementary schools.

    Lantana camara(West Indian Lantana)

    Ricinus communis(Castor Bean)

    Nerium oleander(oleander)

    Atropa belladonna(Deadly Nightshade)

    Digitalis purpurea(foxglove)

  7. batfly on

    Can anyone see the obvious MADNESS of government?

    We don’t need thugs to tell us how to live and we don’t need thugs to breed a dependent class to scratch and claw at the producing class to keep us under the jack boot of government.

    People can live in peace without government. They just need to place the non aggression principle at the heart of morality and kick the initiation of force to the dust bin of human history.


    two entirely different things. cannabis is natural healing herbal therapy and tobacco is death to human beings. Opposite ends of the spectrum. They should not be grouped together in your mind the way you are grouping them. Just because you have seen people smoking both substances does not make them comparable. Cannabis is better administered through vapor or oils directly ingested rather than smoke which destroys a lot of the healing properties. Tobacco has no place in the human body at all

  9. HitmannDDD on

    Dr. Bill Dickson is full of shit and knows it. I’ve had friends die from hard drug use such as cocaine unable to stop from “going over the cliff”. “I can get kids off of heroine, but not MJ” is so falicious its flat out propaganda. Look at his eyes, they’re looking at the floor, which is a classic “tell” that someone is lying. I spent high school – college as a heavy MJ user and successfully kicked it when needed and observed the same in countless others.

  10. HitmannDDD on

    Furthermore “the good doctor” has a conflict of interest. Half of his client base or more are probably sent there because they were caught with a bag of weed. Look at the rate of use of hard drugs in schools vs MJ. If MJ were ever legal, this guys gonna be out half of his client base, which HE KNOWS, shouldn’t be there in the first place.

  11. Polydynamix on

    Washington is the last place on earth one should turn for moral guidance. This is a victimless crime, which means it’s not a crime. Policy controlling a moral issue =/= freedom of religion.

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