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The Terrible Truth (1951, Anti-drug film)


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The Terrible Truth (1951, Anti-drug film)Anti-drug film about marijuana “junkies” whose gateway habits lead them down the obvious route to heroin addiction, contributing to America’s drug epidemic. When all else fails, blame the Commies… Producer: Sir Davis Productions, 1951 Use common sense…

10 comments on “The Terrible Truth (1951, Anti-drug film)

  1. michaelcp4 on

    Gimme a break, yes it is addictive on some level- get any habitual weed smoker to quit smoking, and they display minor symptoms of withdrawal- not the shakes or anything, but moodiness, restlessness, things like that. Even if the addiction is mental (in the fact that that person would really like to be smoking weed and feeling high), that’s still addiction.

  2. michaelcp4 on

    Well… yeah. You haven’t heard of video game addicts? Bulimic eaters, binge eaters?

    The difference is that videogames and food don’t inhibit your functions and warp your judgement in the way that marijuana does.

  3. aspensti on

    “Some say the ‘reds’ are supplying dope traffic in the United States to undermine morale. They did it in China a few years back. It’s certainly true the the increased use of narcotics plays right into their hands.” gotta love the propaganda.

  4. myfatproductions on

    i smoke weed and it is addictive and i also
    i smoke it daily and also know it is not distructive
    and it is much less addictive then cocaine or heroine
    also alcohol

  5. methadon5000 on

    I tried oxycodone @ 12 before I tried marijuana @ 13! Cigarettes @ 15-16 & alcohol @ 18-19 going to show that marijuana/hashish is not related to Heroin AT ALL!

    I was/am a chronic weed smoker since about 16…however I didn’t get into narcotics until 21- 22 when I tried heroin (i never injected, 99% i would chase the dragon on foil and rarely I’d snort).

    Whenever I wanted to grab weed or hash I could never call the H dealer/s b/c they ONLY had H and/or coke, every weed guy only had weed.

  6. synth3333 on

    marijuana is not addictive and has nothing to do with heroin or any other drug. its not a narcotic. its a natural herb that makes u a better person. This video is a complete lie

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