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Q/A Answers #14 (Black Ops 2 Domination)


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Q/A Answers #14 (Black Ops 2 Domination)I love making these commentaries, lets go for 200 Likes! ➜Click here to Subscribe! ➜ Follow me on Twitter!

5 comments on “Q/A Answers #14 (Black Ops 2 Domination)

  1. TheMeanBeanHD on

    Hey not saying weed is the same way for everyone. But I never get tired with Indica I get more of a body high like relax. But it doesn’t make me sleepy for some reason. I loved smoking Indica in the morning before school because I am so relaxed and just chill and do my thing. Anyone good video subbed and liked.

  2. sasPSTm16 on

    Hey man I really love your videos, you deserve way more subs because you have genuinely funny REAL stories, where other popular youtubers make shitty videos and play games that isn’t even funny and they have like 7 mil subs but you’ll get really popular someday :).

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