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Overnight – Curled Cannabis Leaf Marijuana Grow Problem


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Overnight - Curled Cannabis Leaf Marijuana Grow ProblemI need some help with this problem that appeared overnight – many leaves are showing advanced curling. This is a big problem to sweep through so quickly… i…

6 comments on “Overnight – Curled Cannabis Leaf Marijuana Grow Problem

  1. CptHwdy2013 on

    oh brother no way
    the spots look like PM 🙁
    get out the hydrogen peroxide start pullin them leaves off and start hittin ur stems diluted so it doesn’t spread
    the curl may be heat stress dude or a nute problem

  2. dirtybongwater4678 on

    id get a grow bible and look it up they looked like they didnt agree with some nutes you added but you need to look at your own setup and see when they started to stress. did you add anything to your nutes? has your temp changed more then 30 degrees in a 24 hour span? did it get too dry or humid in the room? trace the steps you used and see if there is anything different

  3. Vincent Barrios on

    It could be too much light or heat, but if it happened overnight, (then Im assuming the lights were off,) and it could be too much air blowing on them or too much humidity to make them curl to expire. It could also be a nute problem with too much NPK or maybe not enough Mg, but if you haven’t done anything new with nutes, than it could be too much water. If its too much nutes, flush them, if its too much water, let the dirt dry out real good b4 next water. Good luck!

  4. DerpDerpity420 on

    I just had the same thing. I believe it is either VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit ) which can happen if your plants get too hot on top and the roots change temp too quickly or you have lock-out/lock up from over watering. Eitherway, raise your hood to minimize further lose of moisture from the leaves and flush then pray a bunch. I hope it works out for you. Peace.

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