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Obama Will Go After States The Legalize Pot


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Obama Will Go After States The Legalize PotCenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( hosts of The Young Turks discuss comments by Dr. Kevin A. Sabet, Former senior adviser to Obama’s Office of National Drug Control Policy in which he predicted President Obama will come after any state that legalizes marijuana for recreational use. Should Marijuana be legalized, tell us what you think in the comment section below. Watch The Young Turks:

20 comments on “Obama Will Go After States The Legalize Pot

  1. senortonyful on

    No, I’d rather have either of the two clowns running than Ron Paul. Legalization should be a secondary issue, not a primary one. If it’s a choice between having pot legalized and losing Social Security, Medicare, FEMA, EPA, FDA, HUD, food stamps, Pell Grants, etc. I’d just take the risk and by pot illegally.
    Ron Paul’s good on some things undoubtedly, but he’s so terrible on really important things that he should be unelectable.

  2. TonyZXT on

    If I didn’t live in a swing state, I’d just say fuck it, and write in Henry Rollins for president. He’d get this shit straightened out, wouldn’t need to go to war AND nobody would dare fuck with us!

  3. BiophysicalChemist on

    Because the alternative would be far worse, and unfortunately right now Obama is the only sane choice, albeit a terrible one. Cenk knows that, and wants to fight and push Democrats to be more progressive while stemming the tide of Republican idiocracy.

  4. damrak1969 on

    You all had a chance to vote for Ron Paul who would have tried to get the Federal Government out of our everyday lives but you all blew it to try and re-elect a liar and a political insider who has proven he only wants to please the rich.

    Ron Paul is far from perfect but he is better than the two clowns running.

    So much for our freedoms. They were nice while they lasted.

  5. TonyZXT on

    He’s still better than Mittgomery Burns, who will go after the drug war with a vengeance AND wants to ban all porn as well as institute many other religiously motivated absurdities into law.

    Obama is the far lesser of two evils, but an evil none the less.

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