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New Year, New Terms, and Hemp!


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New Year, New Terms, and Hemp!It doesn’t look like Amendment 64 will be signed into law before the new year. We need to come up with a term for the cannabis stores. And let’s not forget about hemp! The link I quoted: My Facebook: My Reddit: Buy TheGuyThatCouldFly shirts! Temporary R3DBAND site: I am a medical marijuana patient, protected by Amendment 20 of the Colorado constitution that allows for cannabis use for medical purpo

20 comments on “New Year, New Terms, and Hemp!

  1. Kush Man on

    Thanks for the updates Mark. I don’t think I’ll be visiting Colorado, until you guys get your coffee shops up and running. I can’t wait to see the new cannabis culture next summer.

  2. 666joemetal on

    I would be sad to see a “Cannabis Corporation”. I hate the word corporation. I feel like there will be different shop atmospheres and names to accommodate different folks.

  3. Damion Savage on

    I’m glad to hear hemp was included. I was disappointed about Oregon because I didn’t think the others included hemp. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next year. Our dog does the same thing but unlike her, he just sits next to you staring with his paw up. Awesome ending, I started cracking up at that. Not sure how you refrained. ~P&P

  4. EpicRifle on

    Its like weeds cousin, with a low low THC% of 0.3% (which isnt enough to get you high). It has a huge variety of uses like clothing, fuel, paper, building materials etc… Its way better then cutting down trees, thats why they should use hemp more and its more durable and strong. Theres even a house made with hemp which is very cool if you youtube it.

  5. Dick Wallace on

    Talk more on the issue of outsiders exporting marijuana from Denver/Seattle to other states. I think that factor may be the biggest issue. Obviously, the best way of combating it would be legalization everywhere, but you know that wouldn’t just happen at the snap of a finger.

  6. tradernorton05 on

    sadly, regulation is an invitation to corporate control.
    Look at the new washington law for example—the state will choose who will sell and where it will be sold. The state is also going to put a limit on the amount of THC

  7. tradernorton05 on

    there was a glitch in the way that 64 was worded in regards to taxation.
    The governor has said that according to law, there has to be a seperate vote in order for it to be taxed. Have no idea when that vote will take place.
    Lots and lots of red tape……….

  8. raymondmichael666 on

    Cheers mark! I love your opinion. Did you know you can build a whole house with cannabis? Its a synthetic liquid thats sprayed on and is super strong. Pce. One day the world will see that cannabis is used for everything and just world wide legalize and we will burn the prohibition! Cheers everyone

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