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More Cataract. And Shirts!


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More Cataract. And Shirts!Smoking on some more of the Cataract Kush, and opening a package from Spreadshirt. A special thanks to JC for providing his artistic talent, and to Edward Royal for providing the tunes. but I have some TheGuyThatCouldFly shirts for sale! There’s plenty of info and links below, as well as link on the Channel Page and links on my website! Edward Royal: Near-disaster! 1:54 The Spreadshirt Page: The TGTCF shirt I bought: The 64 Leaf

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  1. ABSliceOFFICIAL on

    @theguythatcouldfly I think you should do dispensary tours, and more outdoor videos! Car rides, different smoking locations , kind of like the main R3DBAND channel. Even though you and your brother are taking a break for awhile, do more of the whole collaborate thing like you said. That would be sweet.

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