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Medical Marijuana Doctor Visit


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Medical Marijuana Doctor VisitThe music: Vaporizing and smoking on some Buddha’s Sister, talking about the process of renewing my medical marijuana card…

20 comments on “Medical Marijuana Doctor Visit

  1. Kush Man on

    I wish Michigan had lower medical marijuana state fees. Medical patients in our state pretty much have to grow their own medicine here in Michigan, if you want to cover the state mandated fee.

  2. Lola puppyface on

    hi mark read on a previous comment someone asking if you need to be a resident for 12 months to be a bud tender but what if you came to denver internationally to get a medical card ? same 12 month wait?cheers 3

  3. misterpc23 on

    I saw that in your last video you made a comment that the Jack the Ripper you have smoked wasn’t all that great, that has not been the case. Would it be cool if I emailed you a picture of the bud I had?

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