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Marinol (THC) is Legal but Medical Cannabis is Debatable?


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Marinol (THC) is Legal but Medical Cannabis is Debatable?Greater THC content is vilified by law enforcement but they don’t mention that THC is already legal. While the subject of THC versus CBD content is a topic worth scientific debate, we don’t have to take the “high” out of medical cannabis for it to be effective. A discussion on Michigan Medical Marijuana from the Time 4 Hemp podcast. Different medical conditions require different cannabinoid ratios. Time 4 Hemp podcast: Source episode:

4 comments on “Marinol (THC) is Legal but Medical Cannabis is Debatable?

  1. k2dart on

    The debate here is about how “taking the THC” out of medical cannabis is an argument. THC is very medical. So is CBD. The point is that THC is already legal, by itself, thc gets you HIGH. CBD does not get you high, but is illegal by proxy.

  2. k2dart on

    Israel has developed a strain with 1 percent THC and 16 percent CBD. CBD is more medical without the high, but both are pharmacalogically active substance with great benefits. You don’t have to get rid of the “high” for it to be a great medicine.

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