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Listen Carefully & You’ll Hear the Drug War’s Last Gasps…


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Listen Carefully & You'll Hear the Drug War's Last Gasps...Following the historic passage of marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington, our federal government is now under pressure to abandon its continued war on drugs – in particular its war on marijuana. Eighteen Members of Congress wrote a letter this week to the Department of Justice to allow states to be “laboratories of democracy” and create their own drug laws to address the “disproportionate impact that marijuana has on minorities.” The letter defends the decision of voters in Color

3 comments on “Listen Carefully & You’ll Hear the Drug War’s Last Gasps…

  1. placeksue on

    When are the CIA and military industrial complex going to pay for all the drugs they help to bring in since the 60’s? When are you going to report the chemicals that are being given to our men/women over sees that are causing many of them to take their own lives? When are you going to become a REAL reporter instead of a puppet stooge?

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