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Let’s Talk: “Legalize Marijuana?” w/ Immortal – Part 2

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Let's Talk: ABC “Marijuana Legalized in Colorado, Washington – Referendum Allows Adults Possession Up to an Ounce” : “Referendum allows adults over 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.” Thanks for watching… Leave a topic?

6 comments on “Let’s Talk: “Legalize Marijuana?” w/ Immortal – Part 2

  1. SaucySoviet on

    I do have an idea… at my high school, 1/10 kids abuses weed and sits in the parking lot, no job, no normal structure at home, no foundation for education. They are a bum and I do despise those people as they give regular recreation users a bad rap sheet. Of course they will. we compared it to drinking and driving and I agree, there will be one of course. We covered taxation, those “jerks” who need it.. don’t need it. They want it. Doesn’t mean that people who “WANT” to use marijuana are jerks.

  2. dennyregova76 on

    WRONG! You have no idea how many people abuse weed, these people that smoke weed have nothing else to do, no education, and is a bum. I don’t understand how people can smoke that crap. And if that’s legalized I guarantee to you that an Interest Group will come up through Congress and void Marijuana in the US, relating to the Mothers against Drunk Driving. On top of that it would be taxed up the ass, and its sad that its legalized for Medicinal Purpose & jerks claim they need aka LOWLIFE

  3. xSolidgamezx on

    I realy hope you keep this up, but a tip, maybe you should ask the viewers what games they want you to play(besides gta) maybe that will help to get more views an luv you

  4. Reptileloverx on

    please state your fact on how many people abuse it?
    and why dose it make them low life cause they have a different helping of medication?
    cause they dont wanna take a medicaition that can kill them
    check up on your facts bud.

    – Immortal

  5. trooperoftomorrow on

    You are worried about quality? Well just know it is illegal and y’all should respect that and those who enforce the laws that protect you and the county to which the laws are applied, just speaking my mind.

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