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Jodie Emery: Vote YES for Marijuana Legalization in Washington, Colorado and Oregon


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Jodie Emery: Vote YES for Marijuana Legalization in Washington, Colorado and OregonPOT TV – Cannabis Culture publisher Jodie Emery voices her support for marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. YES on I-502 in Washington YES on Amendment 64 in Colorado YES on Measure 80 in Oregon Jodie is wife of Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery, who is currently serving a 5-year sentence behind bars in a US federal penitentiary for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund leg

19 comments on “Jodie Emery: Vote YES for Marijuana Legalization in Washington, Colorado and Oregon

  1. browneyes04047 on

    Here in wa our dispensaries have guided us to vote no on the I502. The I502 is not legalization it is a new form of prohibition. We are afraid of the DUI laws that will not only affect pot smokers, but those who use prescription medications as well. 5 ng/ml of active THC will be the cut off point, most of us would need a few weeks just to get below 100 ng/ml and if you smoke everyday your ngs are in the thousands. THe dui law alone is enough for me to say no.

  2. jacobian360 on

    Amazing job Jodie, I live in Washington and hoping we can get this through! I think about it everyday and the effects it can have. Here’s to Legalization!

  3. ganjageezer on

    I think it’s ridiculous to vote no based on the ng limit. If you truly aren’t impaired just take common sense precautions to prevent being tested. If you reek of weed when you are stopped and have cannabis and paraphernalia in your car then they will test you. Be thankful you don’t live in a state where there is a zero tolerance.

  4. Jet Li Bxtchez on

    there are no real politicians in this country that see this” brighter future ”
    wee, we had one and cancer took him from us. JACK LAYTON
    I think he would have stopped the war on us
    his wife needs to step up and fill those shoes
    she is smart and tough and she could do it all
    what we need is another shot at a female leader in canada
    women tend to give a shit more than men when it comes to suffering of others

  5. SolarEXtract on

    Aren’t people already subject to arrest with THC in their system, with or without I-502? Doesn’t Washington already have zero tolerance for anyone who uses cannabis who isn’t a medical patient? At least this bill allows stores to sell it to everyone of age. That seems like a step in the right direction, even if it’s a small step. You need to get a bill passed now or never. Meet your fellow citizens half-way and loosen things up later when they see the sky isn’t falling. Baby steps.

  6. solomonkane23 on

    its not legal if you cant grow it at home. i502 doesnt make it legal. you have to be a state registered pothead. then you cant get an organ transplant. the thc level for dui are rediculus. if you smoke once that month you will fail dui. they expect to make money off dui, not taxs on pot. they only sell it in a state store where you pay a 30% tax. thats $520 for az $400 oz.

  7. miketak2007 on

    By trying to convince people to vote yes on I-502 the Cannabis DUI Law you will be responsible for the tens of thousands of cannabis users in Washington State being arrested, thrown in jail, having to pay thousands of dollars in fines and lawyer fees, lost jobs and families ruined if it passes. Read the law. Think before you Vote NO on I-502….

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