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Is Amsterdam’s Pot Party Over?


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Is Amsterdam's Pot Party Over?Sonia Gil on Amsterdam’s changing pot laws. Weed, chronic, cannabis, marijuana… Smoke it, vaporize it, have it in a brownie… Whatever you call it, however you use it, it’s not quite as legal as it used to be in Amsterdam.

16 comments on “Is Amsterdam’s Pot Party Over?

  1. sweetandsourapple on

    I’m against this law, because, yes, tourists are taking advantage of it, but so what? Who says only the tourists party a little too hard? I think if you’re going to Amsterdam, coffee shops are part of the experience. That should not be changed.

  2. jeffnogo on

    Well, an argument against it turning into a huge black market is that probably a large number of these current tourists that go to Amsterdam are primarily going there because of their loose laws on it. This is also a reason for why they party too hard when they get there. Hence, get rid of the easy access, I doubt many of the remaining tourist are going to bother dealing with a black market to get their weed, and if the locals don’t need the market, that will suppress it even more.

  3. Jobe Bicksler on

    Well im my opion <<< cant be sued saying this, if they change the laws then yes it will crack down on the over partying in some aspect, and yes drive the sales back into the alleys, but what it will also do is cut down on alot of tourest dollars, ive never been and after 10 yrs of not being a smoker of the sheba ive started up a lil again, and yeah i would love to go to Amsterdam and try there blends, the country is very pretty from what ive seen but lets face it kids take there money to party.

  4. AdindaZ on

    I’m from the Netherlands and there is a kind of test run in the southern region and it doesn’t work at all. The idea behind the law is great. But the execution is all wrong. Even loads of Dutch people have a problem bying drugs now because your name has to be registerd so your boss or worse your futur boss can see if you use drugs. Just like the insurance people. It is a really flawed law. But I don’t think tourist will keep away. Most won’t know anything about the law untill there in Amsterdam!

  5. EmmaKakes on

    Hi Sonia, I’m from the Netherlands and I’m against the new law because I also think the black market will get bigger. I hope somehow the law isn’t coming through (i’m sorry for my bad english)

  6. dr067305 on

    I had heard reports about this last year & think it’s not the best idea. I think the new law will force it into the black market & the city itself will lose a lot of tourism. Yes, Amsterdam, does have many things to offer besides marijuana, but ask the average person what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the city and 9/10 times it will be weed.

  7. simpledishes on

    I’d have to agree with Rick. The law won’t eliminate the demand for it. It’ll just force people to go to greater lengths to obtain it. My brother just finished up a year at the University of Amsterdam. I’m wondering how he feels about the law.

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