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High School Grades and Marijuana Use


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20 comments on “High School Grades and Marijuana Use

  1. paintballer1973123 on

    Im a college student with a 3.63 gpa and smoke daily and I have many friend that smoke a hell If a lot more that I do and are in THE high threes and fours for their gpa

  2. kief Stone on

    I never had problems in school while smoking cannabis, besides forgeting what day of the week it was every now and then haha….. They should have a proper study with proper students who have respect and tolerance for cannabis to have truthful results…… Keep it Trendy bro \,,/

  3. bigspintantien on

    hahahahahahah, “weeds associated with cutting!!!!” Only reason i would cut myself over weed is if i fucked up trimming. Nd then i would smoke to weed help sit there and think of what a dumbass i was to cut myself.

  4. YmirTheBand on

    All this “weed leads to _____” shit is stupid, in Ontario it’s so damn common I wouldn’t be surprised if over half of all teens in the area smoke weed at least monthly,

  5. jaykob989 on

    im 15 years old, and my freshman ear i was failing, but ever since i started using cannabis i am passing all my classes. marijuana has helped me through alot of stuff

  6. Yochum1999 on

    i am in college not a 4.0 gpa but a 3.45 gpa working on my AA in Bus mngmt, accounting, and entrepreneurship. i didnt get the best grades in high school was too busy and ADHD like a mofo then i found MMJ and it levels me out in so many ways allows me to think clearly. i went back to school to get my degree after smoking for years and now i get A’s college. Works for me.

  7. andyfibb on

    High school grades drop due to marijuana but not because its just marijuana… so many things influence teenagers in high school. They’re friends are way more guilty of damaging their grades than the marijuana itself. What a joke. More Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jroc179 on

    i am a highschool student in canada i don’t really get very good grades but i dont think it has to do with my cannabis consumption but the way the administration harasses me and my friends because we hang out at our smoking section i this bothers me to the point that i don’t want to go to school just to avoid them this does cause more of problem because it gives them more to harass me about but i dont really kow what else to do other than smoke that fine plant that just happens to grow like that

  9. metalfanatic199 on

    man, this video completely made my day. all the points you made are gold, and simply cant be argued against, considering its all PROVEN. thankyou Nay, for posting stuff like this. the world really needs more people like you. cheers, from canada! gonna go rip a bong in your name bro

  10. iiTzzTiiM3 on

    I’m a 17 year old, sophomore, high school student with a 3.5 GPA. I used to smoke marijuana DAILY, and still,manage to get +As and Bs. Well, until recently. A few Weeks ago, I got in trouble with school because I brought some weed in for my friend. Which was BS & a long story, lol. Anyway, I believe it did not affect my grades AT ALL. I do swim for my school & thats another reason why I don’t light up anymore. Thank you, that is my story. LEGALIZE EVERYWHERE!

  11. the97reapuh on

    dude i love ur vids but u need to just chill out man… yelling at a computer screen never got anyone anywhere, just saying you could tone down the vulgarity. ps im high as a plane:)

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