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Hash Bash celebration


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Hash Bash celebrationI had a great time hanging out with friends and celebrating the legalization of cannabis in Colorado. We did a bunch of dab tricks like the darth maul and a few snake dabs. There was also a refrigerated rig with a glass golf course. Putt your dab into the hole, and toke it up. Friend Dan on Facebook – http Follow @r3dband on Twitter – Dan’s gaming channel – Thanks for watching Please leave comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up, and favorite. I’m a Medical Marijuana

20 comments on “Hash Bash celebration

  1. perfectsusanoo05 on

    saddest part is mark is putting out quality videos, dan is showing some custy party, and some faggot video trying to say its mountains, like hes cool, or moving his hand like hes on coke, r3dbands down the tube now ..smh

  2. perfectsusanoo05 on

    of weed, and you just sponging off them to make a vid, never forgeting that BITCH ASS vid trying to diss yourbro, and insulting us by bullshitting us, mad disrespect, HEY DAN WOULD YOU MIND EXPLAINING WHY YOUR FUCKING YOURSELF OVER? nuff said’

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